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The Derrière Garde and Pink Haitun get married! (a)
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On September 8, 2006, The Derrière Garde and Pink Haitun — under their legal names of Allan D. Coleman and Anna Lung — got married in Hong Kong. (Anna and Jacky Lung are Hong Kong citizens.) They have witnesses, and photos, and videos, and a license, and rings, and everything.

Michael Tsang, a former classmate of Anna's in her MBA program, graciously took on the role of "brother of the bride," walking her down the aisle and "giving her away" to the groom.

The version of Wagner's "Wedding March" chosen by the bride and groom combines an organ performance with birdsong.

A warm rain poured down outside as the wedding party gathered at the Eden Marriage Registry in Hong Kong Park. (Hong Kong, in a subtropical climate zone, was at the tail end of its monsoon season.)

Media coverage was created exclusively by those present to celebrate. (Pride of place to the cell-phone videos by Jacky Lung, our son, who served as "best man" to the groom.)
Background music to videos: "Bridal Chorus," by Richard Wagner, from The Birds sing the Classicals.

(Videos on this page by Jacky Lung; photos by Yuan Hongying.)

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