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Villa Florentine Artists' House & the Garden Variety Poetry Series

Just like the Riviera (except for the view . . . ) — A. D. Coleman, Prop.

Villa Links

Villa Florentine Links

where i've published I where i've performed I friends I poetry/fiction archives
writing tools & resources I for young writers I translation I the derrière garde I pink haitun

Home pages of print journals and online 'zines that have published my work:

Places I've performed:

Bowery Poetry Club
ETG Book Café
Muddy Cup Coffee House
Museum of Tibetan Art
Oklahoma Fall Arts Inst.
Penland School of Crafts
Snug Harbor Cultural Ctr.
u Knihomola
U. of Nevada-Las Vegas

Writer's sites I enjoy (old classmates, family, friends):

Archives Malanga
Daily Diary: Ken Wolman
Ed Bullins: Now
Stan Rice Gallery
Stubborn Pine

Writing sites I enjoy (assorted):

Acad. of American Poets
American Tanka
American Verse Project
Apostrophe Protection
CAPA: Poetry Archive
Electronic Poetry Center
Concrete Poetry
Cuttings: Haiku/Short Poems
Espresso Stories
The Ghazal Page
Here Comes Everybody
Lannan Audio Archives
Leviathan: Peter Blegvad
Naming of Parts: Henry Reed
Norton Poets Online
The Paris Review
Poetry Magazine
Poets Against War
Silliman's Blog
Windfall: Poetry of Place

Creative writing tools and resources I recommend:
Desktop Poet
Fluxus Performance Book
Grazulis: Cut-Up Machine
Poets House
Random Story Generator
RoboPoet: Random Poetry

Creative writing for young people:
Infinite Difference Teachers & Writers Online

Resources pertaining to translation:
Babel Fish Translation
Chinese Poems
Chinese Text Initiative
Classical Chinese Poetry
Free Translation Online
Lost in Translation
Mikhael Epstein on Interlation
On Translating Literature
On Translating Poetry
Poetry International Web
Poetry Translation Centre
Translation in China
Translation Emergency Kit

The Derrière Garde's Favorites:
après & derrière: a guide
Cover Your Ass Day
Shake That Ass
St. Anthony (June 13)
Strindberg & Helium
Watch Your Ass/Jokaroo
Weekly World News

Pink Haitun's Favorites:
Hong Kong DolphinWatch
Journey of the Pink Dolphins
Pink Dolphin Appeal
Pretty in Pink: CNN

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