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Villa Florentine Artists' House & the Garden Variety Poetry Series

Just like the Riviera (except for the view . . . )
-- A. D. Coleman, Prop.


Welcome to Villa Florentine

The late experimental poet and teacher Armand Schwerner jammed on his bass clarinet in the Villa's living room. Photographers Barbara Alper, Tricia Grantz, Harris Fogel, Barbara Jaffe, Adàl Maldonado, Pamila Matharu, William Messer, Ka Morais, and others have printed in the basement darkroom. Dancer/choreographer/filmmaker Amy Greenfield performed her poetry in the garden. Michael Martone (the photographer and writer) had a yellowjacket fly into his mouth and bite him under the tongue on its terrace.

Villa Florentine served in the early 1970s as the organizing center for a parent-run "free school," in the mid-'70s as a photo gallery, and in the early 1980s as action central for an ambitious but short-lived local alternative newspaper. Two major websites have emerged from it and still get produced here.

People have cooked and eaten fantastic meals, made love, partied, seen ghosts, taken recreational drugs, danced, walked around naked within its walls and in its outdoor spaces. They've written scholarly essays, newspaper and magazine articles, poetry, fiction, letters, diary entries, and songs in various of its rooms; painted pictures; generated collages and rubber-stamp art; made snapshots and staged elaborate scenarios for the camera; edited books and exhibitions of their own work and the work of others. Assorted print publishing ventures have gotten hatched within these walls.

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