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-- A. D. Coleman, Prop.

His Accomplice

Who is Pink Haitun?

Pink Haitun Photo Album

We offer a few facts about The Derrière Garde's mysterious accomplice, the elegant and beautiful Pink Haitun:

  • She is native Chinese, born on the mainland.
  • She has since emigrated to Hong Kong, and is an HK citizen.
  • She lives just outside HK.
  • She takes her performance name -- haitun means dolphin in Chinese -- from the rare, endangered species of pink dolphins that live just outside Hong Kong's harbor.

We will disclose more information about Pink Haitun over time. Meanwhile, we offer this quote from her for your meditation:

"Art never needs to listen to any theory, because it was created by the right brain. Theory, system, logic, language, etc. are created by the left brain." (2005)

She also points out that humans and dolphins are the only two species that have sex for pleasure.

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Pink Haitun visits the He Xiangning Art Gallery, Shenzhen, China, June 30, 2005.
Pink Haitun with The Derrière Garde -- together again for the very first time.

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