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Villa Florentine Artists' House & the Garden Variety Poetry Series

Just like the Riviera (except for the view . . . )
-- A. D. Coleman, Prop.


Villa Florentine Residencies

While residency opportunities do not come as part of a regular program, the peregrinations of Villa Florentine's owner and its general spaciousness periodically allow for its occupation by visitors. Those who have taken advantage of it over the years include such then-young artists and photographers as William Messer, Harris Fogel, Annika Eklöf, Nina Sederholm, Steve Deane, and Pamila Matharu. These residencies have lasted from several weeks to several months, usually involving an exchange of professional assistance for a living space (in a comfortable studio) with separate entrance and kitchen privileges.

To put your name on a list for consideration when such occasions arise, please send a brief self-description to us at the Villa's email address.

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