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from Slava Skrabal's Prague Dreams

The Nearby Café Gallery features creative imagery of all kinds, in many media, provided by our "regulars" -- people associated with the Café in some capacity -- plus invited guests.

We hope that this mix includes something that will interest everyone, and something that will offend everyone as well. This, like most galleries and museums, is a space intended for adults; enter at your own risk.

From our regulars, right now we have photographer and book artist Nina Sederholm's "In Jan's Studio" (a sequence in which she turns the tables on Czech photographer Jan Saudek) and her multimedia collaboration with Allan Douglass Coleman, spine.

Coleman himself appears here in Algae Rune Yowl: Snug Hinge, a hypermedia collaboration with a found book.

Currently our guest artists and photographers include Czech etcher Slava Skrabal; surrealist photographer Allen A. Dutton from the U.S. southwest; Linda Troeller; and the late photographer/photo-based artist Jean Ruiter from the Netherlands.

Past guests of the Café Gallery have included Barbara Alper, Robert Delford Brown, P. C. Guagenti, Barbara Jaffe, Charles Gatewood, Richard Kostelanetz, and others.

In the Love & Lust section of the Café, you'll find more portfolios -- these of explicitly erotic art and photography. In Heat: An Erotic Anthology, we presently feature the work of Barbara Nitke, a New York-based photographer who specializes in documentation of the sexual underground -- and who is the plaintiff in the class-action suit Nitke v. Ashcroft.

Now Showing
> Allan Douglass Coleman: Algae Rune Yowl: Snug Hinge
> Allan Douglass Coleman and Nina Sederholm: Spine
> Allen A. Dutton: Photocollages
> Nina Sederholm: In Jan's Studio
> Jean Ruiter: Charcoals
> Slava Skrabal: Prague Dreams
> Linda Troeller: TB-AIDS DIARY

Jean Ruiter: Chartres