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A new Café feature, Villa Florentine Artists' House, has now gone online. It features a history of the Staten Island house bearing that name, which nears the centenary of its construction; reports on the creative-writing activity of its resident, Allan Douglass Coleman; and documentation of the performances of The Derrière Garde and his mysterious accomplice, Pink Haitun.
The June-August 2005 issue of A. D. Coleman's newsletter C: the Speed of Light includes a selection of new texts, and archives of material from previous issues.
In Stubborn Pine, our section devoted to the writings of two-time Pushcart Prize nominee Earl Coleman, you'll find a lengthy interview with the author, plus new poems, new short stories, and new chapters of his novels.
You will find two newly accessioned works, "Win At Art" and "JewelFace," on view in the Museum of Find Arts, along with perennial favorite The Bondage Fetish Box.
Our extreme makeover of the entire Café by Crossbeam, a Toronto-based web-design outfit, continues. As we finish working on some of the Café's original features and some new additions to its list of offerings, we invite you to browse to your heart's content, and get accustomed to the Café's new look.