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Motion: A Travel Journal presents first-person accounts by various writers of their peregrinations to places near and far, familiar and strange, on the premise that every destination is exotic to those who've never been there yet mundane to its inhabitants. Are your bags packed?

Shenzhen map
Middle Kingdom Journal tracks A. D. Coleman's personal and professional experiences in the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong. These observations and ruminations annotate Coleman's cross-cultural adventures as a world citizen in a country that plays an increasingly powerful role on the planet. Ni hao ma?

Based on his long-running column in the Star Reporter, a local newspaper chain, Island Living: Tales of the Forgotten Borough gathers A. D. Coleman's first-person, first-hand coverage of local politics and cultural life in his home territory 1967-2007: exotic Staten Island, New York City's "forgotten borough."

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Extra Anchovies! is devoted to Engraulis encrasicholus and its relatives, the intensely flavorsome little fish you either love or hate. Including an extensive selection of scrumptious Anchovy-based recipes that enable you to prepare a full seven-course all-Anchovy meal.

Plus: Sections of our Café's bookmarks list, Jump City: Hot Links, offering our favorite food-related and travel-related sites elsewhere on the Web.

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