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The Nearby Café grew out of a rudimentary "personal home page" posted by A. D. Coleman for professional purposes in the spring of 1995, not long after the birth of the World Wide Web. Soon thereafter that turned into this project's first incarnation as a multi-subject electronic magazine, The B.Y.O. Café, which went online in October 1995. In 1997 it became The Nearby Café, and though its evolution has taken place in fits and starts it has remained online since its inception, making it one of the longest-lived such venues on the Web.

In this section of About the Café we include A Brief History, describing the origins of the Café and its growth through 2002; The Way We Were, an exact recreation of the Café's main page as it appeared until May 2004, for those who (like us) enjoy an occasional walk down memory lane; and a set of Anagrams of The Nearby Café we posted some years ago that may amuse you.

In this Section
> A Brief History
> The Way We Were
> Café Anagrams