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A Brief History

Café Anagrams

Rearranging the letters of "The Nearby Café" yields the following anagrams
(feel free to add your own and send them to us):

Our favorites:
By neater chafe.
By a neater chef.
By a nether face.
By her neat café.
Can be feathery.
Earn by the face.
Earth by a fence.
Fancy -- thee bare . . .
Fancy beta here!
Fear yet a bench.
Fence by a heart.
Hearten by café.
Hereby fate can.
Teeny Arab chef.

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Fancy! beat here.
Fancy! hate beer.
Hereby fat acne.
Fancy! Eh! beater.
Beefy, neat arch.
Fancy! heat beer.
Ache beaten fry.
He fancy beater.
Ache beefy rant.
Beefy, neat char.
Feather by acne.
Ace beneath fry.
Yeah! bent farce.
Each beaten fry.
Thereby ace fan.
Fancy bee hater.
Each beefy rant.
Yeah! fence brat.
Fear by the acne.
Hereby face ant.
Reach beefy ant.
Cheat beefy ran.
Hearten by face.
The fancy. A beer.
Hey! a bent farce.
Any chef beater.
Beaten chef ray.
Fat 'n' hereby ace.
Fat here by acne.
Fence by a hater.
Yacht been fear.
Fancy! earth bee.
Fancy! heart bee.
Hefty bear acne.
Beefy hater can.
Ha! beefy trance.
Yeah! craft been.
Neater chef bay.
Bet fee anarchy.
Fancy! bet a here.
Beefy than care.
Beefy than race.
Hey! fence a brat.
Free yacht bean.
The ace fry bean.
Hereby feat can.
Eye feat branch.
Fart hence a bye.
Any breach feet.
Ha! fence betray.
Ya! fence breath.
Hefty, bare acne.
Neat fee by arch.
Hefty bean care.
Hefty bean race.
Then ace by fear.
Ache 'n' beefy rat.
Fry hence a beat.
Fate eye branch.
They farce bean.
Eh! farce by neat.
Free ache by ant.
By than free ace.
Beefy teach ran.
Earn beefy chat. Bench feat year.
Fare by the acne.
Teeny far beach.
Father bye acne.
Fan bye cheater.
Fat hence by are.
Fat hence by era.
Earth beefy can.
Heart beefy can.
Hey! farce 'n' beat.
Face by her neat.
Beef hearty can.
Ah! beefy trance.
Eaten fry beach.
Fate bench year.
He farce by neat.
A beefy, net arch.
Ha! beefy nectar.
Hey! been fat arc.
Hey! been fat car.
Hey! bent, ace far.
Ace fan by three.
Ache rant by fee.
Fancy be heater.
Bay after hence.
After any beech.
Fart eye a bench.
Hereby. Cafe ant.
Thereby face an.
Hey! been a craft.
Fence bathe ray.
Neat chef by are.
Neat chef by era.
By 'n' ace feather.
Neat fee by char.
An. A beefy retch.
Fat hence by ear.
Ah! fence betray.
Fence year bath.
Ache by net fear.
Chef nay beater.
Fetch year bean.
There ace by fan.
Thee fancy bear.
A beefy arch ten.
Beefy than acre.
Hey! fat beer can.
Her fat bye acne.
Hereby face tan.
Fence bay hater.
Fan bye teacher.
Reach beefy tan.
Been cheat a fry.
Hey! face banter.
An eye chef brat.
Fancy! abet here.
Fancy! There! a be.
Beefy 'n' each rat.
A neat fry beech.
Fate by her acne.
By her feat acne.
Fat, cheery bean.
They fence Arab.
By 'n' the ace fear.
Ache fear by ten.
Free hate by can.
Free hat by acne.
Free by each ant.
Feather bye can.
Fancy! a be three.
Hefty bean acre.
Hereby fat cane.
Eye 'n' fat breach.
Feet anarchy be.
An arch feet bye.
Farce a then bye.
Face betray hen.
Fare yacht been.
Free cheat by an.
Beef yet an arch.
An arty chef bee.
Chef by an eater.
Neat chef by ear.
Fee yet a branch.
Fancy! the be are.
Fancy! the be era.
The beefy. An arc.
Hereby facet an.
Each rant by fee.
Fancy bate here.
Fancy! Eh! rat bee.
A beefy, net char.
Hear beefy cant.
After ace by hen.
The far bye acne.
Fancy! Eh! berate.
Fancy! Eh! rebate.
Breach feet nay.
Thereby 'n' a face.
Earn by the cafe.
Face by an ether.
By each net fear.
Fancy! hear beet.
Hefty 'n' ace bear.
Ah! beefy nectar.
Fetch bye arena.
Eye the fan crab.
Been a hefty arc.
Been a hefty car.
A hefty beer can.
A beefy char ten.
Hear can't beefy.
Ache feet by ran.
The farce 'n' a bye.
Farce bye 'n' hate.
Face by here ant.
Fear hence by at.
A fear by thence.
Beef yacht earn.
Ya! been rat chef.
Any fetch a beer.

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The following are the 10 longest words made using some of the letters:

bean tree

We urge you to imagine that these originated in a Café contest devised to help our regulars while away some long, slow, rainy afternoons. However, candor requires full disclosure: These anagrams were provided by Anagram Genius Server, freeware available for downloading at that will convert anything you key in to anagram form.

Only the Windows version is free, alas; they charge for the Mac release. But, at their site, you can drop any text you want into a form, and they'll email you a set of anagrams
just a few hours later. Can't beat it with a stick.

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