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An Earl Coleman Bibliography
(in progress)

Drawing of Earl Coleman
All listings appear in chronological order within their sections. Links to works posted at this website will be added incrementally.


A Stubborn Pine in a Stiff Wind. (Lewiston, NY: Mellen Poetry Press, 2001). First solo collection of poetry. 84 pp., softbound. Autographed copies still available. Click here for more information.

Piggins and Pails. (New York: 1950) A book of children’s poems.

Earl Coleman Greatest Hits (1950-2003). (Columbus, OH: Pudding House Publications, 2004). Special solo chapbook collection in a series devoted to distinguished poets.

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Twelve Poets of the Fifth Season (1947). The title comes from Tom McGrath’s phrase for a season not yet witnessed but inevitable. A feuillette. First publication of my work. Multi-author. Includes the following poems:

New Writers 10 (London: Calder and Boyars, 1971). Hardbound and softcover editions. Featuring Floyd Salas, Gerald Robitaille and Earl Coleman. I’m represented by three short stories and seven poems:
"Che Guevara Is In Hiding On Sixteenth Street." Short story.
"Peavy Stick." Short story.
"Scoring." Short story.
"Thieves' Market." Poem.
"Reborn." Poem.
"Lines In A Coffee House." Poem.
"Foraging." Poem.
"Untitled." Poem.
"Untitled." Poem.
"Untitled." Poem.

World of Poetry Best-Loved Contemporary Poems (1979). "Untitled." Poem.

New Century North American Poets. (Freeburg, IL: River King Poetry Press, 2002.) I'm represented by four poems:
"Eleven In the Sticks."

"Busting Out."

Candy Store Caper.

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Interview with me from River King (Freeburg, IL), Summer 2003: 4 center pages in this tabloid-format publication, including seven poems as reference points.

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"Language and the Embracing of Evil." Jeremiah, Vol. 1, no.1 (January, 1986).
"The Best Of Times Is Now!?" Jeremiah, Vol. 1, no. 2 (February, 1986).
"In Grateful Recognition Of An Unacknowledged Contribution." Jeremiah, Vol. 1, no. 4 (April, 1986).
"Trivial Pursuit." Jeremiah, Vol. 1, no. 6 (June, 1986).
"Born In The USA (And Standing Tall)." Jeremiah, Vol. 1, no. 7 (July, 1986).
"The Post Facto Treatment Of The Natives." Jeremiah, Vol. 1, no. 9 September, 1986).
"The Deformed Revolution." Jeremiah, Vol. 1, no. 10 (October, 1986).
"Waiting For Da Vinci." Jeremiah, Vol. 1, no. 12 (December, 1986).
"The Mass Production of Translation for a Limited Market." Publishing Research Quarterly (Winter 1994-95).
"Lead Story." Mobius (October, 2002). Essay.
"Weltanschauung." Midnight Mind (January, 2003). Essay.

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"The Puddler." Venture, Vol. 1, no. 1 (First Quarter, 1954). Poem.
"Giant With Hook." Venture, Vol. 1, no. 1 (First Quarter, 1954). Poem.
"They Cannot Talk at All." Venture, Vol. 1, no. 1 (First Quarter, 1954). Poem.
"The Pleasant Green." Venture, Vol. 1, no. 3 (Winter 1954-55). Poem.
"A Small Song for You." Venture, Vol. 2, no. 1 (Autumn-Winter 1955). Poem.
"Autumn Song." Venture, Vol. 2, no. 2 (Summer 1956). Poem.
"Coupled In Space." The Plastic Tower (July, 1993). Poem.
"Rigor." The Cape Rock (October, 1993). Poem.
"A Death In The Family." Mobius (November, 1993). Poem.
"Deer Hunter." Hellas, Vol. 3, no. 4 (December, 1993). Poem.
"A Barrio Short-short." Lost Creek Letters (January, 1994). Poem.
"A Fearful Symmetry." Hellas, Vol. 4, no. 2 (January, 1994). Poem.
"Lot." Hawaii Review (Winter 1994). Poem.
"Narodnik." Social Anarchism (1994). Poem.
"An Artifact at Yarmouth." Mobius (Fall 1994). Poem.
"Process Madness." Small Pond (Fall 1994). Poem.
"Good Dog Blount." Light (November, 1994). Poem.
"Millenium." San Fernando Poetry Journal (January, 1995). Poem.
"In His Salad Days." Reflect (Spring 1995). Poem.
"Passages." Poetry Motel (Spring 1995). Poem.
"Trinity." Black Buzzard Review (June, 1995). Poem.
"Rock of Ages." Mobius (Summer 1995). Poem.
"Beret and Pipe." Poet (Summer 1995). Poem.
"Cut/Splice." Impetus (Summer 1995). Poem.
"Riverboat." Mobius (December, 1995). Poem.
"Retrieval." Skylark (December, 1995). Poem.
"Solar System." Ellipsis (April, 1996). Poem.
"Four Score." Plainsongs (June, 1996). Poem.
"Extra-Curricular." Comstock Review (June, 1996). Poem.
"Dominus." West Wind Review (June, 1996). Poem.
"Crustacean." Black Buzzard Review (July, 1996). Poem.
"Cockatrice." Amelia (September, 1996). Poem.
"At Sankaty Light." Interim (October, 1996). Poem.
"Dennis." Mobius (October, 1996). Poem.
"Rube Goldberg Artifact. " Northeast (January, 1997). Poem.
"Solstice." Skylark (January, 1997). Poem.
"1933 and Muriel." Birmingham Poetry Review (January, 1997). Poem.
"Accumulation." Tomorrow Magazine (January, 1997). Poem.
"For Me and Not for Them." Chaminade Literary Review (February, 1997). Poem.
"Poli Sci 101." Small Pond (March, 1997). Poem.
"Dominion." South Dakota Review (March, 1997). Poem.
"Foraging." South Dakota Review (March, 1997). Poem.
"Space Probe." Whole Notes (March, 1997). Poem.
"Mid-flight." Potpourri (April, 1997). Poem.
"Finisterre." Block's Magazine (April, 1997). Poem.
"Geode." Rosebud (April, 1997). Poem.
"Sibling." Social Justice (Spring 1997). Poem.
"Son of Abraham." Plastic Tower (Spring 1997). Poem.
"The Light was Solid Red." The Body Inside (Spring 1997). Poem.
"Replenishing Carmen." Black Buzzard Review (Spring, 1997). Poem.
"One Man." San Fernando Poetry Journal (May, 1997). Poem.
"Solenoid." San Fernando Poetry Journal (May, 1997). Poem
"Swan Song." Potato Eyes (May, 1997). Poem.
"Strand." Medicinal Purposes (May, 1997). Poem.
"Sylvia." The Lyric (July, 1997). Poem.
"The Promised Spring." Comstock Review (July, 1997). Poem.
"At Recess." Comstock Review (September, 1997). Poem.
"Last Will." Pemmican (November, 1997). Poem.
"Day Dreamer." Northeast (December, 1997). Poem.
"Bar Crawl Saturday Night." Pudding Magazine (December, 1997). Poem.
"A Disappeared One." Glass Cherry (December, 1997). Poem.
"Pater Familias." Birmingham Poetry Review (January, 1998). Poem.
"A Balkans of the Heart." South Carolina Review (February, 1998). Poem.
"Intransitive, " Callaloo (March, 1998). Poem.
"Mustang." Poem (June, 1998). Poem.
"Substitute, " Poem (June, 1998). Poem.
"Visit." West Wind Review (July, 1998). Poem.
"Bone." Potpourri (July, 1998). Poem.
"Quotidian Wonders." Press (July, 1998). Poem.
"Up On Murder One." Mobius (November, 1998). Poem.
"Mise en Scene." Mobius (November, 1998. Poem.
"Relo." Mobius (November, 1998). Poem.
"Avatar." Mangrove (November, 1998). Poem.
"Alternative." Mangrove (November, 1998). Poem.
"Discharging Cargo." Light (December, 1998). Poem.
"Son." Vintage (December, 1998). Poem.
"You and Me, Dear Reader. You and Me." Medicinal Purposes (December, 1998). Poem.
"An Archaeology." Connecticut River Review (January, 1999). Poem.
"Augmented Third." Skylark (February, 1999). Poem.
"An Overlay of Snow." Skylark (February, 1999). Poem.
"Awake Yet?" Mother Earth International (February, 1999). Poem.
"Eminent Domain." Belletrist (March, 1999). Poem.
"Gnostic." Semi Dwarf (March, 1999). Poem.
"Annunciation." Semi Dwarf (March, 1999). Poem.
"Child’s Play." River King (April, 1999). Poem.
"Playing Hamlet in New Utrecht High." Iconoclast (May, 1999). Poem.
"Spider Woman Takes the Seed." Blood and Fire Review (May, 1999). Poem.
"Jig Saw." Mobius (May, 1999). Poem.
"Doll Collection." Mobius (May, 1999). Poem.
"Santorini." Whiskey Island (May, 1999). Poem.
"Putting Up." American Poets and Poetry (May, 1999). Poem.
"Pretty Baby." West Wind Review (May, 1999). Poem.
"Pas de Deux." Limestone (June, 1999). Poem.
"Party at Chappaqua; Den and Deck." Summer’s Reading (June, 1999). Poem.
"Working Garden." Licking River Review (July, 1999). Poem.
"Assignation." River King (July, 1999). Poem.
"Connections." Friends Journal (October, 1999). Poem.
"The Great Purple Mountains Majesty Slot Machine." Social Anarchism (November, 1999). Poem.
"Refashioning the Infrastructure." Long Shot (November, 1999). Poem.
"The Great Purple Mountains Majesty Slot Machine." Long Shot (November, 1999). Poem.
"Cut Loose." Mobius (November, 1999). Poem.
"Development." River King (November, 1999). Poem.
"Fishermen." Byline (December, 1999). Poem.
"A Reconstruction Going On." Savannah Literary Journal (January, 2000). Poem.
"Remains." Savannah Literary Journal (January, 2000). Poem.
"K-6." Lyric (January, 2000). Poem.
"Food Chain." Iconoclast (January, 2000). Poem.
"Sketches of Spain." Portland Review (January, 2000). Poem.
"Look What the Cat Dragged In." River King (January, 2000). Poem.
"106 at Midnight." Small Pond (February, 2000). Poem.
"Consuming." Chattahoochee Review (February, 2000). Poem.
"84th." Orange Willow (February, 2000). Poem.
"Hurricane Georges." Mobius (February, 2000). Poem.
"Cut Loose." Westview (March, 2000). Poem.
"The Marvels I Have Seen." Haktup (March, 2000). Poem.
"Variety." Panhandler (April, 2000). Poem.
"Getting Nowhere Fast." River King (April, 2000). Poem.
"Belated Instructions." River King (April, 2000). Poem.
"Getting." River King (April, 2000). Poem.
"Encounter at 2:00 AM." Aura (April, 2000). Poem.
"Hurricane Georges." Sanskrit (April, 2000). Poem.
"Triptik." Potpourri (April, 2000). Poem.
"Tail Gunner." Whiskey Island (April, 2000). Poem.
"Subversive Activities." RE;AL (April, 2000). Poem.
"Staying Put." RE;AL (April, 2000). Poem.
"Food Chain." RE;AL (April, 2000). Poem.
"The Money Song." Mobius (May, 2000). Poem.
"Season’s End." Atlanta Review (May, 2000). Poem.
"In a Downsized World." Mother Earth (May, 2000). Poem.
"Plenty." Mother Earth (May, 2000). Poem.
"A New Order." Mother Earth (May, 2000). Poem.
"Seeking Treasure in the City Dump." West Wind Review (June, 2000). Poem.
"Food Chain." West Wind Review (June, 2000). Poem.
"Palmistry." Byline (June, 2000). Poem.
"Substitute." Poem (June, 2000). Poem.
"Mustang." Poem (June, 2000). Poem.
"Surprise Nor’easter." Medicinal Purposes (July, 2000). Poem.
"Aprés Juice." Mobius (July, 2000). Poem.
"Calculus." Mobius (July, 2000). Poem.
"Impatient." River King (August, 2000). Poem.
"Working Garden." Friends Magazine (August, 2000). Poem.
"Season’s End." Green Hill Literary Lantern (September, 2000). Poem.
"Passion." Connecticut River Review (October, 2000). Poem.
"Consuming." Mangrove (October, 2000). Poem.
"Potatoes." Byline (December, 2000). Poem.
"Bulletin Board." Rattle (December, 2000). Poem.
"A Princess Stoops." River King (December, 2000). Poem.
"Headmaster." River King (December, 2000). Poem.
"Damas I Uomini." Haktup (January, 2001). Poem.
"M&A." Haktup (January, 2001). Poem.
"Family Cottage." The Lyric (January, 2001). Poem.
"Continuing Struggles of the Post- and Avant- God." Social Anarchism (January, 2001). Poem.
"Latent Image." RE;AL (February, 2001). Poem.
"A Cat." RE;AL (February, 2001). Poem.
"Lineman." Skylark (February, 2001). Poem.
"South Beach." Red Rock (March, 2001). Poem.
"Daredevil." Byline (March, 2001). Poem.
"Eleven In the Sticks." Aura (March, 2001). Poem.
"A Palette Knife." Clackamas (March, 2001). Poem.
"Flagrante Delicto." River King (May, 2001). Poem.
"On Returning From His Year Of Service." River King (May, 2001). Poem.
"Caterpillar, Hookah, Mushroom." Maelstrom (May, 2001). Poem.
"Ground War." Chaminade (May, 2001). Poem.
"Waking." Mobius (May, 2001). Poem.
"It Has Been Written." Mobius (May, 2001). Poem.
"Maiden Voyage." Potpourri (July, 2001). Poem.
"Faux Pas de Deux." Green Mountains Review (July, 2001). Poem.
"Showing the Flag." Connecticut River Review (August, 2001). Poem.
"Hot Seat of Judgment." River King (September, 2001). Poem.
"Jan. 20, 2001." Small Pond (October, 2001). Poem.
"Busting Out." Thin Air (October, 2001). Poem.
"How They Brought the Good News From City Hall to Harlem." Small Pond (October, 2001). Poem.
"Moon Over Stanfordville." Light (November, 2001). Poem.
"January." Mobius (November, 2001). Poem.
"Hot Seat of Judgment." Mobius (November, 2001). Poem.
"Ground War." South Carolina Review (December, 2001). Poem.
"They Write Novels Don’t They?" Medicinal Purposes (December, 2001). Poem.
"Investment." Pudding (December, 2001). Poem.
"An Album." Apalachee Review (January, 2002). Poem.
"Family Cottage." Northeast (January, 2002). Poem.
"Saturday Creative Writing Class for Fifth-Grade Kids." Northeast (January, 2002). Poem.
"Coming In Out of the Rain, Off Highway 66." Iconoclast (March, 2002). Poem.
"Paean." Friends Journal (March, 2002). Poem.
"The Art of the Dance." River King (March, 2002). Poem.
"Unitarian." Pacific Review (April, 2002). Poem.
"Your Grandma Rachel’s Sepia." Sulphur River Review (May, 2002). Poem.
"A Memory of Stanfordville." The Lyric (May, 2002). Poem.
"Poets." Mobius (May, 2002). Poem.
"Rules of the Road." Medicinal Purposes (June, 2002). Poem.
"Coming In Out of the Rain, Off Highway 66." ACM (June, 2002). Poem.
"Closing the Books." Caesura (July, 2002). Poem.
"In Our Times." Caesura (July, 2002). Poem.
"Hot Seat of Judgment." Comstock (July, 2002). Poem.
"A Terrorist." River King (October, 2002). Poem.
"Closing the Books." River King (October, 2002). Poem
"Equinox." Poem (November, 2002). Poem.
"Closing the Books." Poem (November, 2002). Poem.
"Beyond the Frame." Connecticut River Review (November, 2002). Poem.
"En Route." Connecticut River Review (November, 2002). Poem.
"Eleven in the Sticks." Mobius (November, 2002). Poem.
"Homebuilder." Caesura (January, 2003). Poem.
"Working Garden." Caesura (January, 2003). Poem.

"Weltanschauung." Midnight Mind (January, 2003). Poem.
"Lightly Packed." Midnight Mind (January, 2003). Poem.
"Comfort Food." Midnight Mind (January, 2003). Poem.
"Theme and Variations at the Met." Midnight Mind (January, 2003). Poem.
"Mortal Kombat." Midnight Mind (January, 2003). Poem.
"Waiting." Midnight Mind (January, 2003). Poem.
"The Street Where You Lived." RE;AL (February, 2003). Poem.
"Confronting It." Northeast (February, 2003). Poem.
"Causeway." Monserrat (March, 2003). Poem.
"Comrades." Monserrat (March, 2003). Poem.
"Travelers." Monserrat (March, 2003). Poem.
"Showing the Flag." Monserrat (March, 2003). Poem.
"Growing Up." The Lyric (March, 2003). Poem.
"Equinox." The Lyric (March, 2003). Poem.
"Quotidian Adventures Serial, Part Ten." Callaloo (March, 2003). Poem.
"On the Day His Lease Expired." Interim (March, 2003). Poem.
"Offering." Westview (April, 2003). Poem
"Hank Virgona." Nimrod (May, 2003). Poem
"Logos." River King (May, 2003). Poem.
"Silent Movie." Mobius (May, 2003). Poem.
"Polish." Mobius (May, 2003). Poem.

“A Modern Minstrel.” Peregrine (July, 2003). Poem.
"We Make Our Own Palettes." Small Pond (July, 2003). Poem.
"The Winding Down." The Lyric (July, 2003). Poem“Overture.” Light (August, 2003). Poem.
“Intimations of Numeracy.” Notre Dame Review (August, 2003). Poem.
“Penmanship.” The Cape Rock (August, 2003). Poem.
“Static in the Intercourse.” Potpourri (September, 2003). Poem.
“Waiting.” Branches (November, 2003). Poem.
“There Will Always Be War And Rumors Of War.” Mobius (November, 2003). Poem.
“Conditions of Surrender.” Mobius (November, 2003). Poem.
“Fear of Floating.” DMQ (November 2003). Poem.
“The Information of the Blood.” South Carolina Review (January, 2004). Poem.
“On Being Summoned To Have Your Head Examined By The FBI.” Social Anarchism (January, 2004). Poem.
“Comfort Food.” Iron Horse Literary Review (March, 2004). Poem.
“Hiatus.” The Chattahoochee Review (March, 2004). Poem.
“An Offering.” Byline (April, 2004). Poem.
“Lightly Packed.” Westview (April, 2004). Poem.
“An Offering.” Caesura (April, 2004). Poem.
“Overture.” Caesura (April, 2004). Poem.
“On The Left Bank, Watching Boats Pass By.” Caesura (April, 2004). Poem.
“Send Now.” Mobius (May, 2004). Poem.
“Birthday.” Oasis (May, 2004). Poem.
“Static In The Intercourse.” Red Rock (May, 2004). Poem.
“Obit for Rose.” Red Rock (May, 2004). Poem.
“Etiology.” Red Rock (May, 2004). Poem.
“Bodies.” Medicinal Purposes (June, 2004). Poem
“A Private Moment On The Lot.” Palo Alto Review (June, 2004). Poem.
“When We Feared Fear Itself.” Green Hills Literary Lantern (July, 2004). Poem.
“Penetration.” River King (July, 2004). Poem.
“Showing The Flag.” Confrontation (July, 2004). Poem.
“On The Left Bank, Watching Boats Pass By.” Connecticut River Review (July, 2004). Poem.
“Bubbemeisses.” Limestone (August, 2004). Poem.
“Leaving The Nest.” The Lyric (Summer, 2004). Poem.

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"A Time for Every Purpose." Esquire (December, 1948). Short story.
"Triomphe." Venture, Vol. 1, no. 2 (Summer 1954). Short story.
"Papacita In The Cane Field." Venture, Vol. 1, no. 4 (Summer 1955). Short story.
"Model Of A Sage Man." Esquire (1968). Short story.
"Winter Whites." Fiction (February, 1995). Short story.
"B. Ross, Artist, Shot." Hawaii Review (Winter 1995). Short story.
"Compound." Blood and Fire Review (June, 1996). Short story.
"Crumbs." Potpourri (Spring, 1997). Short story.
"Kites." Talking River Review (May, 1997). Short story.
"Der Tag." South Carolina Review (May, 1997). Short story.
"One Flesh." Orange Coast Review (September, 1997). Short story.
"Weight and Weightlessness." Skylark (February, 1998). Short story. Nominated for Pushcart Prize XXIII, 1999.
"Leaping Lena." Interim (July, 1998). Short story.
"A Charlotte Russe." Oasis (Winter, 1998). Short story.
"Palimpsest." Skylark (February, 2000). Short story.
"Qui Vive!" Cream City Review (May, 2000). Short story.
"My Mother’s All Too Brief Affair with Rudolph Valentino." Thin Air (February, 2001). Short story.
"My Mother’s All Too Brief Affair with Rudolph Valentino." Pacific Review (Spring, 2001). Short story.
"Marcy." Zone 3 (May, 2001). Short story.
"My Mother’s All Too Brief Affair With Rudolph Valentino." Writers' Forum (September, 2001). Short story.
"The Work Goes On." Eureka (September, 2001). Short story.
"Big C, little a." Skylark (March, 2002). Short story. Nominated for Pushcart Prize XXVII, 2001.

“Red Factor.” Mobius (March, 2002). Short story.
"Big C, little a." Fiction (June, 2002). Short story.

“Lead Story.” Mobius (October, 2002). Short story.
"Mentor." The Distillery (November, 2002). Short story.
"Pearl Diving." RE;AL (February, 2003). Short story.
"Pearl Diving." Eureka Literary Magazine (April, 2003). Short story. Nominated for Best American Short Stories series 2003.

“Pirate Jenny Was A Nazi Snitch.” Mobius (May, 2004). Short story.

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