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Earl Coleman Greatest Hits 1960-2003 (Pudding House Publications, 2004)

Pudding House (which had published several of my poems) invited me to publish a chapbook with them as part of The Poets Greatest Hits National Archives Series from Pudding House Publications, a series they publish to archive poets they choose (more than 200 chapbooks in this series issued thus far). These books are never allowed to go out of print and are housed in several collections (the libraries of Ohio State U., SUNY/Buffalo, Brown University, to name a few). Each contains five pages of biographical material and 12 poems that the poet considers crucial in his/her development. Published June, 2004.

For excerpts from the book, click here.

To order by mail, send your check for $8.95 to:
Pudding House Publlcations
81 Shadymere Lane
Columbus, OH 43213

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Drawing of pine tree

For excerpts from
the book, click here.

A Stubborn Pine in a Stiff Wind (The Mellen Poetry Press, 2001)

As seen in the American Poetry Review, September 2001

I’ve been published widely, but I’d never had a solo book before. This one is 84 pages, published by The Mellen Poetry Press and now out of print. The title of the book is A Stubborn Pine in a Stiff Wind. The list price is $14.95. You can order signed copies directly from me using the form below.

Carolyn Stoloff, poet and artist, comments on Stubborn Pine:

"Fueled with superabundant vitality, a driving cadence and a trunkful of allusions, historical and literary, Earl Coleman guides us on a jeep tour of the rough terrain of more than half a century. We make stops in bedrooms, bars, churches, war zones and social arenas where ritual struggles are in progress. His pungent, often mordant wit spares no one, least of all himself. With a quick finger he points to areas of privation, pain and vulnerability which we attempt to skirt or camouflage. An exhilarating trip!"

Eric Blau, poet and novelist, comments on the book:

"What makes Stubborn Pine important is the poet’s earned language. The minor technical conceits have long ago been incorporated into his surer hand. What impresses me as most important in Coleman's poetry is that through it he has given us himself -- a tough, realistic, romantic, aware lover of the life around him. He breathes, the poems breathe, we breathe."

Earl Coleman
Stubborn Pine Online
Changebridge, 131 Ridge Drive
Montville, NJ 07045 USA

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