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Through the Imago Lecture Bureau, I offer a set of lectures, workshops and seminars available for presentation to various constituencies. The lectures are specifically designed for and of interest to working writers in all forms of the craft -- academics, journalists, essayists, creative writers -- as well as to student writers and producers of intellectual property in and medium, as well as to that segment of the general public attentive to these matters.

I have presented these public lectures and intensive small-group encounters at colleges, universities, museums, alternative institutions and other venues around the world since 1970. (For a report on my workshops as presented under the aegis of the National Writers Union, see this profile of A. D. Coleman by Susan E. Davis from Between the Lines, the newsletter of the New York Local of the NWU.)

Lectures can be tailored to, or even especially commissioned for, specific occasions at your institution, such as conferences and symposia. (I've presented numerous keynote addresses over the years.) I also have at any given time a cluster of themes on which I'm speaking publicly. Recent and current topics include censorship and "kiddie porn," the digital future of photojournalism, documentary photography in the 21st century, intellectual property in the electronic age, and the changing face of the writing life. I can almost surely develop with you something suitable for whatever your institution is planning.

I've also served as a participant in and/or moderator for numerous panel discussions addressing subjects ranging from intellectual property rights to the nuts-and-bolts issues of the writing life, for events sponsored by the American Medical Writers Association, the National Writers Union, and the annual Writers' Conferences of Marymount Manhattan College and of the College of New Jersey, among others. As either a panelist or a moderator, I'm available for such projects, whether in conjunction with lectures, workshops, and seminars of my own or as autonomous, self-contained events.

To inquire about particular topics, to place your name on a mailing list for advance notice of my upcoming lectures and workshops, to obtain more detailed information about listed events, or to arrange to book appearances at your school or institution, contact:

Reiko Soucoupe
Imago Lecture Bureau
P.O.B. 040078
Staten Island, NY
10304-0002 USA

T./F. (718) 447-3091

Imago Lecture Bureau is a division of CODA Enterprises, which provides full-service representation to makers of intellectual property. Please visit our Website, CODA Enterprises Online, to learn more about us.

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