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A Who's Who of The Sepoy Rebellion

The Sepoy Rebellion consists of three practicing poets: Wil Wynn, Marguerite Rivas, and Allan Douglass Coleman. Click here for further information about the founding of The Sepoy Rebellion and the collective's choice of its name. Brief bio notes follow; to learn more about each of the group's individual members, use the links below.

l. to r.: Allan Douglass Coleman, Marguerite Maria Rivas, Wil Wynn.

Wil Wynn

Wil Wynn is the poetry nom de plume for Guillermo Echanique, a former Ecuadorian and now full-time American. He discovered that poetry was in his blood in the form of elemental metaphors, conceits, allegories, etc., etc. The symptoms (staring into space, sudden twitching, and an urge to contemplate the meaning of Beauty) had his doctor baffled for years. Now in the process of learning to live with it, he has made a remarkable recovery by writing and performing his poetry and thereby releasing some of the unspent creative pressure that used to bother him. He is grateful for the small miracles of everyday life. His motto: "Seven Times Down, Eight Times Up." Wil is known for his sharp tongue, as this mini-movie commentary on the subject of Allan Coleman's Sony digicam demonstrates.

Marguerite Maria Rivas

Marguerite Maria Rivas is a Staten Island-born poet of Incan descent. She has been a featured reader at Snug Harbor Cultural Center, the College of Staten Island, and the Unitarian Church. A winner of the Staten Island-New Jersey Secessionist Slam, Marguerite has performed at open-mike events throughout the city. Within the past year, she has also been a featured reader at the Back Fence Reading Series; The Staten Island Unitarian Church’s benefit for the Kitengesa, Uganda, Library Project; The American Association of University Women (Staten Island Chapter); and Manhattan Community College’s Faculty Forum. Her recent work has been published in Parting Gifts, The Multicultural Review, and Medicinal Purposes. In addition to writing about Staten Island’s natural history, a work of both creative nonfiction and poetry, Rivas is also working on a manuscript of poems, entitled Laughter, Hope, and a Sock in the Eye, which she hopes to complete by 2007. She is a part-time English professor at the College of Staten Island.

Allan Douglass Coleman

Allan Douglass Coleman is a transplanted Manhattan-born working writer who, under the pen name A. D. Coleman, publishes widely as a critic of photography and contemporary art and a commentator on new technologies. A teacher and lecturer as well, he's a founding member of the National Writers Union, for which he teaches seminars on copyright, contract negotiation, and subsidiary-rights licensing. He returned to writing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in 1988, after a self-imposed twenty-year hiatus. Recently he has published his work in Hazmat Review, Iodine Poetry Journal, Passager, Parting Gifts, and Short Fuse. He has performed his work at the Bowery Poetry Club, Manhattan; U Knihomola, Prague; the San Antonio Inter-American Bookfair; the Penland Schhol of Crafts, North Carolina; and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In 2005 he revived a previous persona, The Derrière Garde, whose doings (along with Allan's other solo creative activities) get recorded in the Villa Florentine section of this Café.

J. J. Hayes

For information on TSR's fourth founding member, John J. (J. J.) Hayes, click on his name link immediately above.

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