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Anagrams of The Sepoy Rebellion

Rearranging the letters of "The Sepoy Rebellion" gives the following anagrams. Considering the historical source of our group's name, we're struck by the recurrence of the words pest, leper and leprosy. (Coincidence? You decide!)

Noble, polite heresy.
Hey! loneliest probe.
Hot eyeopener bills.
He's reptile boloney.
Boloney! the replies.
Eyeopener both ills.
Boloney! is the leper.
Shot eyeopener bill.
Here bones politely.
Been politely horse.
I telephone soberly.
Hey! so noble reptile.
So hyper, noble elite.
Politely sheer bone.
Politely shone beer.
Hyper, obsolete line.
Soberly phone elite.
By the lonelier pose.
Telephone or by lies.
Eyeopener bill host.
Hey! to noble replies.
Hey! elite snob prole.
Openly obese Hitler.
So type helleborine.
Boloney! sheet peril.
Hello! preen obesity.
By the loonies leper.
Noble heresy to pile.
Boloney! I the lepers.
I telephone by loser.
Boloney! these peril.
Hell! obesity opener.
O Hell! preen obesity.
By the loonie lepers.
Obese leper in hotly.
Entirely shoo plebe.
Sleepy, noble hero it.
Oh No! by elite lepers.
Phone by elite loser.
So horny, elite plebe.
Politely been shore.
Spy noble, elite hero.
Eye on brothels pile.
Brothels eye in pole.
The bore lies openly.
Telephony lies bore.
Eye this noble prole.
Sleepy noble to hire.
Let's! heroine by pole.
Loner hopes by elite.
By lonelier sheep to.
Noble heresy pole it.
Best pile loony here.
Help! nosy, elite bore.
Hell! reopen obesity.
Elite hole by person.
Hey! Olé! reptile snob.
Shy plebe or on elite.
Olé! hyper, elite snob.
Sly plebe to heroine.
Politely serene hob.
Sleepy or I the noble.
Type noble hero lies.
He's loony bite leper.
There! is loony plebe.
Boloney! 'e's the peril.
Boloney! their sleep.
She reptile boloney.
Thereby penile loos.
The penile boy loser.
Hey! so noble leper it.
Hey! noble peril toes.
Hey! sleep or noble it.
Hey! nobler poet lies.
I telephone sly bore.
Obese poetry in hell.
He best looney peril.
Is loony plebe three.
The only, obese peril.
Only plebe theories.
Hell! obesity on peer.
Oh! lonelier bye pest.
By the loonier sleep.
Hey! prone, elite slob.
The bore on sleepily.
Sorely the noble pie.
The loony bee perils.
The lonely, obese rip.
Hope lobes entirely.
He pile lose rent-boy.
Hereby penile tools.
Sphere by elite loon.
Hey! riot noble sleep.
Hey! obsolete 'n' peril.
Polythene lies bore.
He, in obsolete reply.
The loony beers pile.
The loony plebe rise.
Lose tiny plebe hero.
Hereby slept loonie.
Hereby spelt loonie.
He lonelier boy pest.
By the penile or lose.
He's lonelier poet by.
Hey! is noble leper to.
Noble eye perils hot.
Openly hostile beer.
Politely or she been.
This loony bee leper.
Loony, sheer plebe it.
Let's! penile boy hero.
By honest, eerie poll.
Shone by elite prole.
Hey! Let's! noble or pie.
Boil ethylene poser.
Phone sly, elite bore.
Eye this nobler pole.
Eh! in obsolete reply.
Prey elite snob hole.
On the sleepy boiler.
Rely elite snob hope.
He lies rent-boy pole.
Thereby senile loop.
Thereby senile pool.
Lepers obey in hotel.
Hotels obey in leper.
Slithery bee on pole.
Hey! pest or noble lie.
Hey! site noble prole.
Hey! ties noble prole.
Hey! in plebe to loser.
Reptile honey lobes.
Holy, elite snob peer.
He, politely on beers.
Sleepily or the bone.
The poorly lies been.
He's only, elite probe.
Hotel obeys in leper.
Oh! by loneliest peer.
Shy noble, eerie plot.
Hype loneliest bore.
Shit! eye noble prole.
Oy! helleborine pest.
Yo! helleborine pest.
He's. Been or politely.
Boo! the senile reply.
He noble poetry lies.
He riot sleepy noble.
Sleepy bore in hotel.
He is loony bet leper.
He loony lepers bite.
Help! tiny, obese role.
Hello! tiny bee poser.
Boloney! he its leper.
Thereby penile solo.
Hell! tee by poisoner.
Telephone or by isle.
Hey! best leper in loo.
Hey! pester noble oil.
Shy noble, elite rope.
Eye the nobler spoil.
Help! noble eyes riot.
Oy! he's noble reptile.
Yo! he's noble reptile.
He is noble yet prole.
Eh! beers on politely.
Her obese 'n' politely.
Reply in obese hotel.
Sleepy or he noble it.
He loony leper bites.
Hereby pile not lose.
The senile boy prole.
Bye holes on reptile.
Bye or penile hotels.
Oily, noble here pest.
The oily leper bones.
Hey! Olé! noble priest.
Hey! Olé! noble stripe.
Hey! Let's! pile on bore.
Hey! Let's! boil opener.
Hey! plebe lies or not.
Holy beetle in poser.
Eye hot noble lisper.
Eyes pile on brothel.
Eyes help or noble it.
He is noble toy leper.
Boo! Hell! serene pity.
He tie noble leprosy.
Sleepy bolt heroine.
Noble elite or he spy.
Type on heroes libel.
He's loony, beetle rip.
His loony plebe tree.
O Hell! tiny bee poser.
Hello! is teeny probe.
He pile sole rent-boy.
Boloney! shelter pie.
He's lonelier boy pet.
He's lonelier bye pot.
He's lonelier bye top.
(and many more . . . )

The following are the 10 longest words made using some of the letters:


These anagrams were provided by Anagram Genius Server, freeware available for downloading at that will convert anything you key in to anagram form. Only the Windows version is free, alas; they charge for the Mac release.

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