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Jade Universe Holistic Healing™: Writings

Dr. Long Yu Qian, who developed what we now call the Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ system, authored two books on this alternative therapy during his lifetime:
  • Zhuangyi Yaoxian Dianjiu Liaofa (Zhuang Burning-String Therapy), published by Guangxi Science & Technology Publishing in 1986. While written primarily by Dr. Long, and based on his original manuscripts, the first edition bears the names of three colleagues at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine University: Huang Jing Min, Huang Han Ru, and Huang Ding. "They served as co-editors and co-writers who helped me to finish the book," Dr. Long wrote in his Foreword to Zhuang Burning-string Therapy Acupuncture Points: A Visual Guide (see below). This book received the prestigious Certificate of Excellence for "the best book popularizing science and technology, 1984 - 1987," awarded to all its authors, and formed part of the basis for the subsequent 1992 Honors award to Dr. Long from the Guangxi Government.
  • Zhuangyi Yaoxian Dianjiu Yongxue Tujie Xiangzhu 200 Li (Zhuang Burning-string Therapy Acupuncture Points: A Visual Guide for 200 Different Symptoms & Diseases), published by Guangxi Minzu Chubanshe (Guangxi National Press) in April 1991. Dr. Long wrote this book "to ensure the curative effect of the treatments, and to help students and other readers to learn the treatments," illustrating it with his own drawings of the pertinent acupressure points for each treatment.

A third book produced by Dr. Long in collaboration with colleagues of his at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University appeared in January 1990:

  • Zhuangyi Yaoxian Dianjiu Linchuang Zhiyanlu (Burning-String Therapy Clinical
    Test Case Reports)
    . Dr. Long describes it as based on the papers presented at the first conference on Zhuang Burning-string therapy, held in Nanning under the auspices of the Guangxi National Medical Association on May 21-23, 1989 and the clinical case reports gathered from the graduate students testing the method at the Zhuang Medicine clinic of Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University. Dr. Long indicates that "Huang Jing Min, Huang Han Ru and I served as co-editors again, while I reviewed and corrected the proofs. This book became the supplementary textbook, amplifying the material in the first [1986] book."
The family of Dr. Long has authorized publication of a revised, updated edition of his key writings, under the title Jade Universe Holistic Healing. Excerpts from the English-language anhd Chinese-language versions appear here courtesy of the Long family and Flying Dragon Cultural Enterprises, Ltd., under whose imprint this edition will appear.

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