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Welcome to Jade Universe Holistic Healing™

Developed and promulgated by the late Dr. Long Yu Qian of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, in the People's Republic of China, Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ constitutes a system of treatment for diverse ailments both serious and minor, as well as a method of preventive medicine and general health maintenance.

Taught and tested for decades at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University, Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ is used by 300 hospitals throughout mainland China. Largely unknown until now in the west, it makes its online debut here at The Nearby Café, courtesy of the Long family and Flying Dragon Cultural Enterprises, Limited.

Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ can be used at home, and even self-applied to some extent. This exclusive Café feature was approved by Dr. Long shortly before his death in 2006, as a means for distributing the benefits of this treatment system outside mainland China. It provides a discussion of the system and the history of its usage in Chinese medicine, testimonials from Dr. Long's colleagues and former patients, extracts from Dr. Long's writings, selected case histories, biographical information about Dr. Long, and an online store where you can purchase books, DVDs, and other relevant materials on this innovative method.

You'll find online tutorials demonstrating some of the techniques, and a forum for exchanges of ideas and information about this alternative therapy. We have also included an FAQ page; a Links page; a Gallery of images relating to Dr. Long, his writings, his practice, and his family; and a News page where we will post the latest information on the Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ system, notices of new resources posted at this website, and announcements of additions to the Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ product line.

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