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Jade Universe Holistic Healing™: Testimonials

"I met Dr. Long only a few weeks before his death, but he had been treating for an affliction at long distance for some time before that, through his daughter Anna. For ten years, off and on, I had suffered from a toenail fungus on my left foot. When I first had it diagnosed, the standard treatment in the west involved antibiotics, taken in bursts: daily dosages for several weeks, then an interval, then daily dosages again. The medication was expensive, but worked, and the condition cleared.

"A few years later it returned. By then the treatment had changed, and my New York physician wanted me to take blood tests before starting on the expected course of treatment, because the latest medication — also expensive — could potentially damage my liver. I decided that I valued my liver more than my toenails. I refused the treatment, and the toenails remained infected.

"When Anna's father learned of my condition, he prescribed a once-daily half-hour soaking of the foot in rice vinegar in which a dried herb commonly found in China had steeped for two hours. Supplied with the herb, and assured that apple-cider vinegar (more easily found in New York) would make an acceptable substitute, I underwent a 20-day regimen per Dr. Long's recommendation. At the end of that time, all trace of the fungus had disappeared. The nails grew in clear, and the condition has not returned.

"While this treatment did not involve the Jade Universe system, it convinced me that Dr. Long's knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine and herbal cures was extensive, and that his expertise equalled that of practitioners of western approaches to healing."

— A. D. Coleman, April 2006

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