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Official PRC Sources:

Traditional Chinese Medical Schools (PRC and elsewhere):

  • Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University has studied Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ extensively. They have also taught Dr. Long's system for decades, offering 30 seminars devoted to it through which some 15,000 medical students have passed. As a result of their interest, this technique is used at present by 300 hospitals throughout mainland China.
  • Beijing University of Chinese Medicine: Founded in 1956, the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is one of the earliest established traditional Chinese medical institutions for higher learning in the People’s Republic of China.
  • National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM), a naturopathic school and classical Chinese medicine school located in Portland, Oregon. The oldest accredited naturopathic college in North America, founded in 1956.

Online Information Sources:

Zhuang Medicine:

  • PubMed provides access to citations from biomedical literature. This particular link leads to the abstract of an article about Zhuang burning-string therapy.
  • People's Daily: News report from December 9, 2002, indicating that "Three pharmaceutical codices setting quality standards for the medicine of the Zhuang ethnic group were approved Sunday by experts from the State Drug Administration (SDA)" of the PRC. "These works, each covering 200 types of Zhuang medicine, offer detailed information about the medicine's origins, forms, properties, chemical components, functions and dosages, and some are illustrated. Cao Cai, an SDA medicine expert, considers the works a significant contribution to Zhuang medicine research and application because of their accuracy, completeness and practicality."
  • Dr. Du Luping of the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia, heads a team researching "Traditional Medicines and Medicine Markets in China." They have concentrated their attention on the Jingxi medicine market. "Established and operated in Jingxi County in the far southwestern corner of Guangxi province, this market was one of few markets of its kind in traditional Guangxi and is the only one existing to the present day."

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