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About Jade Universe Holistic Healing™

Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ is a unique non-invasive alternative therapy from mainland China. It applies sharp bursts of herbal vapor, reinforced with heat, to nodes in the body designated according to the ailment. This constitutes a system of treatment for diverse conditions both serious and minor, as well as a proven method of preventive medicine and general health maintenance.

First recorded and then developed and promulgated by the late Dr. Long Yu Qian of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, in the People's Republic of China, Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ derives from the traditional medicine of the Zhuang people, a Chinese minority. Taught and tested for decades at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University, Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ is used at present by 300 hospitals throughout mainland China.

Through some 30 courses taught at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University since 198??, more than 1500 medical students and doctors have learned this method. Dr. Long estimated that in his own practice over the years he had treated upwards of 150,000 patients with the Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ system. Through classes, books, and papers by Dr. Long and others, this method has spread widely in China, benefitting millions.

This method — combining elements of acupuncture, moxibustion, and other therapies — involves the brief application of the heated tip of a length of herb-soaked string to designated spots on the body. Dr. Long systematized this technique, exploring its efficacy in relation to 200 illnesses, charting the precise configuration of the treatment of each symptomology, and annotating the results over the course of his career. Through his writings and teaching, he also made this method available to his fellow practitioners and to the general public.

Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ can be self-applied to any part of the body one can reach, or can be applied by another. A simple technique, it requires no medical training, and can be learned easily. It enables individuals and family members to maintain their own and each others' wellness, and offers to health professionals who practice holistic methods a clinically proven technique for alleviating a wide array of symptoms and illnesses.

Typically, a Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ cure is effected by one-minute sessions, once daily. Depending on the cause of the ailment, its duration, and its severity, length of treatment involved in effecting a cure varies.

Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ causes a fleeting, mild stinging sensation not much different in intensity from a pinprick. No burning or scarring results. Treatments for most ailments involve half a dozen such sensations, spaced a few seconds apart, clustered in a specific region of the body, once a day. It creates no significant discomfort, and can be used with infants, children, the elderly, and the infirm. The only precaution involved is that any given treatment session should be completed.

(Note: Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ is not recommended for use during pregnancy, or for individuals under the influence of intoxicants.)

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