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Jade Universe Holistic Healing™: FAQs

What is Jade Universe Holistic Healing™?
First recorded and then developed and promulgated by the late Dr. Long Yu Qian of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, in the People's Republic of China, Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ constitutes a system of treatment for diverse ailments both severe and minor, as well as a proven method of preventive medicine and general health maintenance.

Where did it originate?
The system we now call Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ apparently originated with the Zhuang, a minority people within southern China. Dr. Long's paternal grandmother, Long Qin Shi, came from Zhuang lineage. With her family, including Dr. Long's father, Long Jian Hong, she lived in the countryside near what is now the city of Liuzhou, in Guangxi Province. Mrs. Long practiced this therapy on her family and friends, and passed it on to both her son and her grandson as part of a long tradition in which the method was transmitted from generation to generation within a family by teaching it to a single member of the younger generation, usually a son. When he came of age, Long Yu Qian received the herbal formula for the string from his father, signalling that he had officially become the heir to this family secret. Dr. Long in turn passed it on to his daughter Anna, fourth of his six children.

What was Dr. Long's contribution to this medical method?
Dr. Long absorbed it from his grandmother, preserved it, and tested it in his own practice for years. He passed it along to his colleagues first through his informal teaching, and then extended and systematized it for the first time, writing two books on the subject and encouraging others to study and write about it. He freely shared his notes with colleagues for their own publications on the subject, and granted the use of the herbal formula, the process of string production, and the teaching of the method to Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University.

Why have you called it Jade Universe Holistic Healing™?
Dr. Long's full name, Long Yu Qian, translates literally as Dragon Jade Universe. In honor of his decades of devotion to preserving this holistic treatment method — which might otherwise have been lost — and making it as widely available as possible, we have used the English translation of his given names, Jade Universe, to disseminate this medical discovery around the world. (In Chinese, the words Yu Qian — Jade Universe — have deep cultural resonances; they are beautiful, poetic, beneficent, and powerful, especially in combination with each other.)

Has this system been tested medically?
Taught and tested for decades at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University, Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ is used at present by 300 hospitals throughout mainland China. Through some 30 courses taught at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University since 198??, more than 1500 medical students and doctors have learned this method. Dr. Long estimated that in his own practice over the years he had treated upwards of 150,000 patients with the Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ system.

Can people other than physicians practice this method?
Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ can be used at home, and even self-applied to the extent that the individual can reach the relevant areas of his or her body. In fact, Dr. Long himself wrote a book, Zhuang Burning-string Therapy Acupuncture Points: A Visual Guide for 200 Different Symptoms & Diseases (1991) that includes applications of this system. This book was intended for the general public, as well as for physicians. A new Chinese edition of Zhuang Burning-string Therapy Acupuncture Points: A Visual Guide, and a first English-language edition, are in preparation. Endorsed by the Long family, they will appear under the imprint of Flying Dragon Cultural Enterprises, Limited.

What are the best sources of information about this method?
Largely unknown until now in the west, Zhuang medicine has only recently become a subject of serious investigation by specialists from inside and outside the PRC. Zhuang Burning-string Therapy, or Jade Universe Holistic Healing™, introduced to the world by Dr. Long, makes its internet debut here at The Nearby Café, courtesy of the Long family and Flying Dragon Cultural Enterprises, Limited. This exclusive Café feature will serve as the most comprehensive online resource devoted to this particular aspect of Zhuang medicine.

What will this website provide?
Our Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ website includes extracts from Dr. Long's writings, a history of the usage of the Jade Universe™ system in Chinese medicine, answers to FAQs, testimonials from Dr. Long's colleagues and former patients, selected case histories, biographical information about Dr. Long, and an online store where you can purchase books, DVDs, herbal string, and other relevant materials on this innovative method.
We have also included a Gallery of images relating to Dr. Long, his writings, his practice, and his family, and a News page where we will post the latest information on the Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ system, notices of new resources posted at this website, and announcements of additions to the Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ product line. We plan to add online tutorials and a forum.

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