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Middle Kingdom Notes

Upcoming in this space . . .
Some components I plan to add to this journal over the coming months:

  • a database with brief summaries of and responses to the various books on China that I'm absorbing.
  • "250 Things You Can Do With Bamboo," a pictorial tribute to the versatility of this natural material and the ingenuity of the Chinese in putting it to good use.
  • Family-album pages with photos of Anna, Jacky, and myself.
  • Information about my upcoming relocation to Minneapolis, which will become my U.S. base and the Stateside end of the U.S.-China axis I expect to operate within henceforth.

Starting date:
Middle Kingdom Journal went online at The Nearby Café on September 1, 2007, slightly over two years after I first set foot in the People's Republic of China.

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