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References to the Anchovy appear frequently in your "news." Here we present a selection of these, arranged with the most recent on top. — Alice, the Anchovy Schoolmarm

Op-Ed from Lee Dye, ABC News, August 20, 2005:
"The cost of publication should be included in the funding for the research, he [Nicholas Cozzarelli, editor in chief for seven years of the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences]says. So if the National Science Foundation wants to pay for somebody to study the sex life of anchovies, the grant should also include the cost of publishing the results." (Emphasis added. From his column "It's Time to Make Research Free.")

Millions of stinky dead anchovies wash up near Seaside
KATU News, July 26, 2005

SEASIDE, Ore. -- Millions of dead anchovies have washed up on the banks of the Neawanna River on the northern Oregon Coast, biologists said, giving off a putrid stink of salt water, seaweed and sewage.
Biologists say such mass deaths are perfectly normal, and probably caused in this case by an increased food supply, allowing a greater number of anchovies to be born.
"That's the way nature works," said North Coast Land Conservancy Director Neal Maine. "You get too many, then they take all the oxygen out of the water."
In the 1960s, Maine said, so many anchovies died in the river that the bodies were knee-deep. . . . ( For full story, click here. We find the adjective "stinky" unnecessary, as most life forms exude odors upon expiration. -- The Schoolmarm)

Turkish Baker Makes Anchovy Baklava!

ANKARA (Reuters) - One of Turkey's best-loved national dishes, the syrup and nut pastry known as baklava, has been given a new twist by a baker who has started making it with anchovies.
Anatolian news agency reported the baker in the northern port town of Giresun had expanded on the traditional ingredients of flour, sugar, raisins and syrup to make a special baklava based on the small salty fish which flourishes in the Black Sea.
"As I see it, you can make anything with anchovies," Umur Sahin was quoted as saying. Initially customers were sceptical but Sahin said demand had grown rapidly and he is now planning to make anchovy cookies. (For the report, click here.)

Bush Secretly Orders 200 Pizzas Delivered to Supreme Court
Justices at Loss to Explain Mass of Anchovy and Mushroom Pizzas
Colin Parent, Editor in Chief, MQ

William Renquist, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, fell victim to a practical joke late Monday night as President Bush had 200 mushroom and anchovy pizzas delivered to the high court.. . . . (For the full story, see MQ, Univ. of California-San Diego, February 4, 2003.)

Salad Dressing Recalled For Allergy Risk
Caesar Bottles Have Anchovies

An Ohio company is recalling bottles of salad dressing mislabeled as "Two-Lightful Blue Cheese" dressing because inside is an anchovy-containing Caesar dressing — posing a risk of life-threatening reactions to people allergic to the salty fish. (NBC10, 2003)

Airborne Anchovies

Ocean Shores, Washington, U.S., January 10, 1972:
Anchovies, a few dozen of them, fell into the yard of Tom and Evelyn James in Division 3. Speculation was that a water spout sucked the anchovies out of the surf and into the air at least 100 feet in order for them to travel the distance of at least 2,000 feet inland. (From the Ocean Shores Guide. (Actually, this represented a premature experiment by the Anchovy Air Force that went terribly wrong. A monument Down Here honors our fallen heroes. — The Schoolmarm)

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