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Anchovy Links

We of the Anchovy have netted the surf for you, gathering links to far-flung sites that, in name or content, claim a relationship to Us. Some contain information, some misinformation, and some have no connection to the Anchovy that we can decipher. (Perhaps you can help us in this matter.) Collectively, they represent the Unanchovy's complex relationship to Us. — The Schoolmarm

  • Food Down Under has an excellent "Anchovy Info" page.
  • A first-hand account of the anchovy harvest in the Cantabrian sea, off the coast of the Basque region of Spain, appears in Travels with Delia.
  • The Anchovy Family Album. The following sites offer online movies and stills featuring the Anchovy:
  • What Should You Know About Anchovies, at the forum, contains an extraordinary amount of misinformation about the Anchovy. We suspect this may be purposeful, though, if so, we cannot deduce the motive. More misinformation appears at Virtual Seaside, which claims that "Insatiably hungry, the Anchovies attack shoals of Sardines swimming with effortless speed beneath the surface. They form great shoals always frequenting the same areas. Many traditional line and hook fishers of the northern shores specialized their skills in catching Anchovies. The weight ranges between 5 and 6 kg, a maximum lenght of 1,2 meters and a blue-green colour."
  • We don't know who runs Ask The Anchovy ("Ask your questions about God, the Bible, and life. . . . This page is set up to be an online Christian form of 'Dear Abby.'") We can only assure you it isn't Us.
  • The island of Jamaica, in the Caribbean, has a town called Anchovy. We don't know how it got its name, but we're proud to have it adopted in this way. It has hotels and an assortment of tourist attractions. For a map and weather info, click here. Here, too, is a link to information about Anchovy High School. The Jamaican artist Nelton Fisher lived there, and it features in the writing of Russell Banks.
  • We could not fathom what this site has to do with the Anchovy, though it's named Rubber Anchovies. We await enlightenment. We found a similar one at Anchovies, a "couples lifestyle club" in Austin, Texas. (Our sprats suggest that anchovy has become a code word among some of the Unanchovy for spawning activities. If so, we are flattered . . . we think. Still, we confess ourselves mystified by your mating protocols.)
  • We also cannot figure out what The State of Anchovy's Live Journal has to do with Us. And mister anchovy is assuredly not one of Us, though he posts an enjoyable blog.
  • Simon Armitage has written a poem, "The Peruvian Anchovy Industry," that appears in his book Zoom (1995). Unfortunately, we have not yet obtained a copy of this work, which ends with the line "no fish: no birds: no shit."
  • This proposal for a Robot Anchovy strikes us as . . . peculiar.
  • Apparently, you of the Unanchovy have developed a taste for many of our fellow sea creatures, We don't find it surprising, as most of us feed on one another beneath the waves. The latest craze among you appears to be a hankering for krill, if we can judge by KRILLco Online, which supplies krill to retail-level consumers.
  • Of course, we mostly devour each other raw. Your Unanchovy appetite for raw seafood spreead from Japan around the world, and now you can satisfy it without leaving home, via Krusty Sushi, the world's first mail-order sushi company.

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