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The voice of the Anchovy is heard in the land!

Yes, this species has established its official website here, as a section of The Nearby Café — produced by and devoted to Engraulis encrasicholus and its relatives, the intensely flavorsome little fish you either love or hate. Including an extensive selection of scrumptious Anchovy-based recipes that enable you to prepare a full seven-course all-Anchovy meal. Plus Anchovy jokes; references to the Anchovy in music, film, art, and literature; information on the role of the Anchovy in the global ecosystem; insight into the Anchovy's substantial impact on the world's economy; and much, much more.

The time's always right for something with anchovies!

In this Section
> Introduction
> About Extra Anchovies
> Anchovy Art/Science
> Anchovy Economics

> Anchovy Humor

> Anchovies in History
> Anchovy Journal
> Anchovy Recipes
> Anchovies in Literature
> Anchovies in Music
> Anchovies in Film & TV
> Anchovy News/Weather
> Anchovy Politics
> Anchovy Links
> Books, Music, DVDs
> Contact the Anchovy

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