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The Bondage Fetish Box
by Anonymous

Medium: mixed
(Wood, cloth, black electrical tape, metal, plastic, glue,
paint, rubber-stamp ink, dried flower, unknown.)

Bondage Fetish Box No. 1

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This eerie, unnerving "black box" -- a wooden container hiding an elaborate, symbolically charged assemblage depicting what appears to be a complex bondage and domination scenario -- was discovered in the Nigerian-run "Second Hand Store" on Canal Street in Stapleton, Staten Island, on August 26, 1997. It contains no name or other identifying marks. The object measures 5 inches across by 5-1/4 inches in depth by 16-1/2 inches in height; the box is made of wood 1/8-inch thick. It is painted a semi-gloss black on the outside; we've lit it in this image to reveal something of the texture and patina of its exterior surface. Some connection to Voudun ("voodoo") or Candomblé religious cult activity seems possible.

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