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Multimedia at this site:

Vídsjá: A. D. Coleman Interviewed by Kristínu Ómarsdóttur. October 3, 2007, Ríkisútvarpid/RUV radio; approx. 10 minutes long.

StudioTulsa: A. D. Coleman Interviewed by Rich Fisher. October 20, 2006, National Public Radio 89.5 KWGS, Tulsa, University of Tulsa; approx. 30 minutes long.

Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins: A. D. Coleman and Denise Bethel. September 26, 2006, National Public Radio 90.7 WFAE, Charlotte, NC; approx. 34 minutes long.

PC Talk/Mac Edition: A. D. Coleman Interviewed by Harris Fogel. Sunday, June 15, 2003, WPEN 950 AM in Philadelphia. Approx. 15 minutes long.

"Straight from the Hearth: Photography and the Luminous Image," by A. D. Coleman: an audiofile of the author reading this catalogue essay (Fall 1996). Approx. 10 minutes long.

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Multimedia online elsewhere:

An extended interview with me, "A. D. Coleman: A Conversation with the Critic," conducted in March 2006 by Suzie Katz, appears at the PhotoWings website as an audiofile, full-length and broken into segments, along with a complete transcription.

If you subscribe to the Danish journal Katalog, this link will take you to "A. D. Coleman's Scandinavian Tour," a report by Henning Wettendorff — including two QuickTime video clips from a talk I gave on digital media, in Copenhagen, on November 2, 1999, at the inception of The Digital Room, a project of that city's Fotografisk Center. This also includes a brief report on my subsequent departure from The Digital Room as one of the sponsors thereof. (To subscribe to Katalog, click here.)

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