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Anthologies & Encyclopaedias including essays by A. D. Coleman
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Death Becomes Them: Unearthing the Suicides of the Brilliant, the Famous, and the Notorious, by Alix Strauss (New York: Harper Paperbacks, 2009)
Focal Encyclopedia Of Photography, 4th ed., edited by Michael Peres (Burlington, MA: Focal Press, 2007)
Documenti E Finzioni: Le Monstre Americane Negli Anni Sessanta E Settanta, edited by Maria Antonella Pelizzari (Turin: Agora Editrice, 2006)
Theorie der Fotografie, edited by Wolfgang Kemp (Munich: Schirmer/Mosel, 2006)
Icons of Photography: The 20th Century, edited by Peter Stepan (Munich: Prestel Publishing, 2005)
Fotografie: Das 20. Jahrhundert, edited by Peter Stepan (Munich: Prestel Publishing, 1999)
The Promise of Photography: the DG Bank Art Collection, edited by Luminita Sabau Munich: Prestel Publishing, 1998)
Photography: 1900 to the Present, edited by Diana Emery Hulick and Joseph Marshall (New York: Prentice Hall, 1997)
Dialogs: Reading and Writing in the Disciplines, edited by Jeffrey Carroll (New York: Macmillan, 1992)
Esthetics Contemporary, edited by Richard Kostelanetz (Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1989)
Photography in Print: Writings from 1816 to the Present, edited by Vicki Goldberg (Albuquerque: Univ. of New Mexico Press, 1988)
Edward Weston Omnibus: A Critical Anthology, edited by Amy Conger and Beaumont Newhall (Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith, 1984)
Kuvista sanoin 2, edited by Martti Lintunen (Helsinki: Suomen valokuvataiteen museon säätiö, 1984)
Theorie der Fotografie III 1945–1980, edited by Wolfgang Kemp (Munich: Schirmer/Mosel, 1983)
Contemporary Photographers, edited by George Walsh, Colin Naylor, and Michael Held (New York: St.Martins Press/Macmillan Press Ltd., 1982 )
Photography in Print: Writings from 1816 to the Present, edited by Vicki Goldberg (New York: Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, 1981)
Contemporary Artists, edited by Colin Naylor and Genesis P-Orridge (St. James Press, London, and St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1977)
Younger Critics in North America: essays on literature and the arts, edited by Richard Kostelanetz (Fairwater, WI: Tom Montag/Margins, 1976)
The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 4th revised ed., edited by William H. Harris and Judith Levey (New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 1975)

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