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Traffic Report (6/26/07)
This year we anticipate going well over 2 million pageviews for the Café as a whole. We consider pageviews a much more reliable indicator of volume than "hits," the count of which — though almost always considerably higher than that for pageviews — gets artificially inflated due to its inclusion of every image on a given page.

Not surprisingly, our Love & Lust section draws roughly one-fourth of that attention. We don't mind that, obviously. And we're heartened to see that our visitors spend the remaining 75 percent of their time here browsing through our other offerings on different subjects.

We add new content to our features as we and our collaborators develop it, and from time to time we expand one or another of our section menus with a new offering. We announce those on our Blackboard Specials page, and revise our pull-down menus to enable easy access.

— A. D. Coleman


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