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August, 1997
The Leaner, Meaner Café

Welcome. If you're paying us a return visit, you've undoubtedly noticed a wide variety of substantial changes to this site.

For starters, we've changed our name, from "The B.Y.O. Café" to "The Nearby Café." While the phrase "B.Y.O." is immediately understood in the States, it rings no bells with our many foreign visitors, who tend to pronounce it "Bio" and assume that it has to do with health foods and holistic healing. So we've gone to something more readily recognizable to the international community. And from it comes our new slogan: Wherever you find yourself in cyberspace, we're nearby.

More substantially, we've established a new editorial policy. From now on, we promise nothing, in regard to content, that we can't deliver (no menu areas sitting empty or forever "under construction." Henceforth, on our full menu and in each separate section, WYSIWYG.

In keeping with that policy, we've thoroughly overhauled the site, bidding a fond farewell to some of our previous content providers (several of whom have established autonomous sites of their own -- see our Hot Links for their new URLs), removing some sections entirely, adding several brand-new items to our selection, and turning over and/or amplifying the content in all areas.

In the future, we'll make a practice of archiving the more substantial content we've posted, rather than merely replacing it with new material, since a number of you have emailed us in search of older content.

Please browse us at your own pace, and let us know what you think of us in our new form.

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-- A. D. Coleman
Executive Director

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