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The ephemerality of the 'Net makes us nervous. Once something gets taken down from a site, who can prove it ever appeared there in the first place? Although we think of it as a multi-subject electronic magazine, the Café as a whole does not appear in easy-to-archive "issues." Different sections get augmented at different times. And there's no way to create a comprehensive repository that recreates it in all its varied states from 1995 through the present.

However, we decided early on to present as little material as possible at the Café that couldn't stand the test of time, and that visitors might not enjoy reading a year -- or a decade -- later. So, while a few Café sections (and their content) have fallen by the wayside, and some of the material we've presented has changed location at the site or moved elsewhere (see the Photography Criticism CyberArchive), much of what we have published here over time remains embedded in the site, usually archived within the feature in which it originally appeared (e.g., C: the Speed of Light).

Here in the Café Archives we've lodged the In-House News notices that we've posted occasionally, usually at significant stages of the Café's evolution, and also the past Café Reviews, press notices, and other evidence that someone out there has paid attention to what we've done here.

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